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SPECIM presents its thermal hyperspectral cameras in the LWIR region 8 to 12 μm. Spectral Cameras LWIR HS integrates an uncooled detector and optics. It is a compact (only 3.5kg) and versatile tool for a wide variety of applications. HS (high sensitivity model) covers the spectral range 8-12 μm. It has 44 spectral bands and spectral sampling of 100 nm. With a good sensitivity and moderate spectral resolution, HS is suitable for many industrial and Chemical Imaging applications

Spectral Camera LWIRHS
Spectral range8-12 µm
Spectral bands44
Spectral resolution44nm
Spectral sampling/band100nm
Spatial pixels566
Field of viewWith fore lens L41 *** 32.2°
Spatial samplingL41 0.057°
AberrationsInsignificant astigmatism, smile or keystone <0.1 pixels
Optics temperatureUncooled
Optical equivalent pixel size on slit level43 µm
DetectorLWIR uncooled microbolometers
Numerical apertureF/1.0
Pixel size on detector level17x17 µm
Camera outputUSB 3
Frame Grabber-
Frame rate120 fps
Shutter/internal calibrationYes
Power consumption3-5 W
SNRTarget 400 K with FPS 30 Hz
* 8µm 240
* 10 µm 210
* 12 µm 180
NESR (mW/m2srµm)* 8 µm 270
* 10 µm 310
* 12 µm 800
NETD/spectral pixel1K
Size (mm)100x143x185
Weight (kg)3.5
BodyAnodized aluminium and painted steel
Storage-20 ... +50°C