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Home News & Blog Specim introduces new compact hyperspectral camera for airborne use!
Specim AFX10

Specim is kicking off their 25th anniversary celebrations with the release of their newest product in the FX series, the Specim AFX10!

The AFX10 is a compact and complete VNIR (400-1000 nm) solution for lightweight hyperspectral imaging that can be mounted on a drone. The system can be used for identifying contamination and determining water quality, estimating fertalizer need in agriculture, identifying vegetation species, and studying wildlife populations from the air, among many other applications.

This solution is perfect for customers interested in a complete airborne solution that is smaller and more lightweight than the AISA line, ideal for use on most drones. The AFX10 is based on the FX product family, which is a high-quality hyperspectral camera series designed specifically for industrial use. This new product brings the benefits of the FX series to airborne applications.

For more information on this system, check out the Specim AFX10 Product Page!